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Aloha, I am Jofrey based out of Oahu, Hawaii and I perform wedding ceremonies throughout the Hawaiian islands.  I am available for weddings that are extravagant, performed in a church, or a small private ceremony on the beach between the just the two of you.

Please let me know what type of ceremony you are looking to have and I can help join you both in marriage.


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Jofrey Rabanal


Phone: (808) 391-0836


About Jofrey and Simply Oahu Weddings

Established in 2005, Jofrey Rabanal is a Pastor on the North Shore on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii.  He began to perform weddings for friends and families.  One of the weddings he was performing caught the eye of a coordinator of a local company.  Hewas asked to perform another wedding for that coordinator, and little did he know it would be the beginning of what would become known as Simply Oahu Weddings in Hawaii.  The coordinator liked him so much that instead of doing one wedding each month, it has become six to eight and sometimes ten weddings each month on average and that has also caught the eyes of other wedding companies.  Now after a few years has gone by, Simply Oahu Weddings has grown from one coordinator to over twenty coordinators and companies throughout the state of Hawaii.  Jofrey’s outgoing and enthusiastic personality has become a favorite for couples here in Hawaii and couples from the Mainland U.S.  He has drawn the attention of many couples throughout the world; Australia, Canada, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and even Africa.  Many have used Pastor Jofrey for other occasions such as house blessings, baby dedications, company blessings, and many others, but many have used him for their special day in becoming husband and wife.


Jofrey has done all types of ceremonies from religious to civil weddings.  Within the ceremonies he incorporates services such as sand ceremony, candle light, tea pouring, lei exchange ceremonies, jumping the broom, veil, cord, and breaking the glass ceremony.

Pastor Jofrey would love it very much to be that officiant on your very special day.


Happy Married Couples

Just some of the many happy couples for whom I have performed their ceremonies.