Civil Ceremony

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today. To unite this man and this woman in the bond marriage. Marriage is a permanent relationship of one man and one woman freely and totally committed  to each other as companions for life.

Words of wisdom:

The home is build  upon love, love is patient and kind, it is not irritable or resentful, it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoice in right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hope all things, and endures all things. Love never seen ends.

Marriage is a companionship which involves mutual commitment and responsibilities. You will share alike in the responsibility and the joy of life. When companions share a sorrow the sorrow is halved, and when they share a joy the joy is double.

Marriage symbolizes the intimate sharing of two lives, yet this sharing must not diminish but should enhance the individually of each other. A marriage that is one that is continually developing  and in which each person is individually  developing while growing in the understanding of each other.

So let your hearts be truly a refuge and a safe haven for each other. Be generous in expressing your love. Be open to receive  love from each other. And also remember to be flexible and forgiving of one another. Let this sacred union back a catalysis  that transforms you into the expression  of your highest  selves.

Keeping in mind, that your relationship is alive and ever-changing. Your love for each other is a miracle and a blessing. It will always invite you to grow, learn, expand, and to blossom. So how you regarding each other and how you behave towards each other, will determine  the destiny of your union, it’s  your creation to gather. It’s your sacred  responsibility.

There for, everyday take the time to love and show gratitude  towards one another. Be kind to your relationship. Be compassionate,  supportive, and inspirational. As well as a help mate, playmate, and a lover, so lead with your hearts and take the time to nurture what you have. In the hardest of times

You are a precious  and a blessed union, I it’s so lovely  in its innocence. Mighty in its strength,  and abundant with many possibilities. And it belongs to the both of you.

A strong marriage consists of 5 things.

1. Communication

2. Trust

3. Love

4. Sacrifice

5. Humility

Promise to each other:

Groom will you take bride to be your wife, will you commit yourself to her happiness  and self fulfillment as a person, and will you promise to love, honor, and serve her in sickness and in health,in adversity and prosperity, and to be true and loyal to her, so long as you both shall live?

Bride will you take groom to be your husband, will you commit yourself to his happiness  and self fulfillment as a person, and will you promise  to love, honor, and serve him in sickness and health, in adversity and prosperity,  and to be true and loyal to him, so long as you both shall live?

Vows Exchange:

I groom take you bride to be my wife to have and to hold from this day forth until  death  do us part, to love you with all my heart  and all that’s with in me your my best friend, my heart I give you this day.

I bride take you groom to be my husband to have and to hold from this forth, until death do us part, to love you with all my heart and all that’s within me, your my best friend, my heart I give you this day.

Ring exchange:

The rings are a circle. And as such is the symbol  of the sun, the earth, and the universe, of wholeness, perfection, and peace. These unbroken circle represents the wholeness and completeness of your love and affection for one another. The rings that you give and relieve this day are symbols of shared love into which you both are entering as husband and wife, as livers, as companion,  and best friends.

It is with great hope that your love will be as eternal as the sea that surrounds  these islands. Those who love the sea can feel the heart beats  of life as the sun rises  and sets, the tides ebb and flow and the stars fills the heaven’s. For the beauty, the peace and the serenity that is Hawaii.

With this ring is pledge my life, my love, to you from this day forth.

Lei exchanges:

In the cultural and traditions of Hawaii the exchanging of the flower Lei is a deep symbol of love, respect and affection. To place a Lei on a love one is to bestow them in the highest esteem. The beautiful  crafted Lei with its colorful hand-pick flowers and sweet fragrance  represents a Polynesian tradition of two lives that have intertwined and bonded to gather is the most profound  meaning of Aloha. The Lei is a reflection of your love and Aloha that you share for one another. As you exchange these leisure it is a symbol of a new beginning.

Closing statement:

We have heard the vows and promise  that each of you have made, now may your understand grow with all the year  that are waiting for you. May you seek each other’s happiness,may you always seek to recognize  the others needs first. May yours  be a shared adventure,  rich with many moments as well as excitement, now problems will happen that will test the both of you, as well as many success  that will lift you up, may you find in each other companionship  as well as love,understanding as well as companion, and challenges,  as well as agreements. To gather you will laugh, cry, be happy and anger with each, grow and share. Remember marriage  is a wonderful thing. With it you gain a partner for life, someone who will always be there for you, someone who will love you even when your grumpy  and sad, someone you can rely on and trust with the most delicate  thing,  your heart. Bring it to joy. And never lose your sense of humor  towards  one another. So above all things may the two of you find an ever richer meaning and joy in the lifelong adventure of loving and learning to gather.